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Sasuke Ninja Warrior competition secrets revealed

Feb 06, 2008 in Ninja News   |   Posted by jeannie

Sasuke Ninja Warrior ContestantsEver wonder how people get chosen to compete on Sasuke, or how people even apply? And I bet anyone who’s seen the show wondered “Where on earth is Mt. Midoriyama?” Good news for the curious. The answers are no longer a secret.

Mt. Midoriyama isn’t really a mountain at all. Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) owns a studio called “Mt. Midoriyama.” which in the back, has ample space to set up the 4 intense stages of the Sasuke obstacle courses. Located in Yokohama Prefecture, it is surprisingly close to the heart of Japan, Tokyo. TBS only discloses the exact location to their contestants and their family members.

The studio is considered and openly called “The Holy Ground.” There is nothing religious or Holy about Sasuke, but to those contestants or fans that live for the goal of achieving Total Victory, Mt. Midoriyama is a sacred place. To the famous Mr. Katsumi Yamada, Sasuke is almost his religion.: he lives and breathes Sasuke.

TBS only discloses the address to which to send applications to when recruiting competitors for an upcoming competition. Applicants are to send in the following information: Name, age, occupation, contact, address, and what we could call a “personal statement” that shows your enthusiasm for the show. Photos and videos are also welcome. Remember, TBS will not return any of what you send to them.

As a fan, you probably know what the show is all about. Now with this extra knowledge, get off that couch and start training. Maybe YOU can become the next most fit, strongest, and most dedicated competitor ever to become … Ninja Warrior.

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  1. i like this article

  2. im watching ninja warrior right now…. and i’m ready to hit the monkey bars in long beach.

  3. Goooosh, finally! My mom and I have been trying to figure out where it’s at foreverrr. It’s disappointing to know, though, that we won’t ever be able to know the exact location because we both want to watch the tournament in person…:(

  4. that means you should try out for ninja warrior :-)

  5. I want to know what they get for winning the competition

  6. Jeannie… you’re a bit off on one fact. There is no Yokohama Prefecture in Japan. The city of Yokohama is the capital of the prefecture of Kanagawa. Hope you don’t mind if I point this out!

  7. Nope, don’t mind at all :) I can’t believe I missed that when I used to live in Tokyo! Thanks for the note!

  8. i wanted to go to mount Midoriyama and does anyone no what the monkey’s real name is? because i am in love with him and want him as my background :p

  9. The monkey’s real name is Akira Ohmori (or maybe Omori). I hope you can find good pics!!!

  10. kriste, they get 4000000yen for completing everything.

  11. Can anyone find the course on Google Earth?

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  13. Thanks James :) Come back soon!

  14. Hey john under the TV show category it says:

    In each competition there are a total of 100 contestants, all looking to complete the 4 stages of SASUKE as well as winning the award money of 200 Million Yen or approximately $20,000.

    However, 200,000,000 yen comes out to about $1,871,600
    And $20,000 comes out to about 2.14 million yen.
    4,000,000 yen is about $37,500

    So I don’t know where you got your number or where they got theirs, but they do contradict themselves.
    Just searching on Google I found a few that all said 2 million yen, but none of the sites were what I would consider reliable sources.

    Also, I was wondering if this show was out on DVD or if I could find it because I started watching the show only about one year ago. I haven’t been able to find almost any recording of the show and would be overjoyed if I could buy it.

  15. As for the location I used google maps and when I entered this:

    tokyo broadcasting system Kanagawa, Yokohama, Aoba-ku

    I got this URL:

    I pulled up only one thing that has an Italian Wikipedia entry that gives this address:

    TBS Broadcasting Center, 3-6, Akasaka Gochome, Minato, Tokyo Japan; Midoriyama Studio – 2100, Midoriyama, Aoba-ku Yokohama, Japan

    Unfortunately I think my pc is messed up and doesn’t display an exact location
    However, I did tell it to get directions and got this:
    Tokyo Broadcasting System @35.658611,139.745556

    Hopefully this isn’t useless information or the incorrect location.

  16. Disregard that URL ( it’s worthless. It was my previous search on google sorry. The rest of the stuff in that post is good though. I would edit my post if only I knew how.

  17. This blog says”TBS only discloses the address to which to send applications to when recruiting competitors for an upcoming competition” but does not answer the question of how/when/where do they recruit people.

  18. TBS recruits contestants through their TV show SASUKE. At the end of the show, if they are recruiting at that time, they will advise the viewers where/when to send the applications to.

  19. Thank you for that clarification.

  20. Good articles i found were it is. THis is were it is Northwest Yokohama, Japan. Ur welcome .Thanks D-man

  21. hi

  22. :)

  23. This is very helpful thank you. The only thing that I would have a lot of trouble withis the salmon ladders and of corse the 4th stage. I train 6 days a weak and think that I have what it takes to appear on the show. A few questions:1 Do you have to send a video to get a chance to be accepted 2 how old do you have to be to enter? I hope to be there soon :D

  24. You have to send a video and every age is accepted…If you think it’s so easy go there…you are dreaming

  25. It is so nice to see that Ninja Warrior in Mt. Midoriyama but I bet it is really hard to get in there. Too many people…only people close to TBS Broadcasting Center can have a chance to see it.

  26. Im trying out for ninja warrior in 2010. I am sooo excited. I know I cant beat the new cliff hanger[my upper body isnt the best lol] If you here the name Sora Ryukaze wave and say hi cause that will be me! ^_^ Now I’m not trying to say it will be easy…Im not an idiot. It is going to be really hard! lol! I have a question if you live in japan for a short amount of time can you sign up like anyother japanese resident or would you still have to go past G4′s american ninja challenge? tnx for your time. ps is any of the ninja warrior all stars on twitter?

  27. First off, I wouold like to say that this article is nicly done.
    Okay, so TBS recruits contestants and informs potential applicants where to send in their applications at the time that they give; am I correct on that part?
    I heard that now the only way for americans to compete is through American Ninja Challenge. Is this true? If that is not the case, then how can I get an appplication and enter; because if that is possible, I would rather go through the preliminaries and such and earn my spot as a contestant rather than participating in that American Nija Challenge, and possibly not being selected because I do not fit their mold of a young-American adult, and not subject myself to their manipulation and what not. Plus, I’m 18, and I donot want to have to be 21 to go through a physical competition where people are voting for you during the actual competition rather than the ones with the best skill and time be awarded a slot for their besting of the competition.

  28. Ultimate Capoeiristaman>

    Yes, you are correct that TBS posts on their website and also provides information on the SASUKE show on tv where/when/how to send in applications. I think they only provide this information when they are actively reviewing applications for the next schedules SASUKE.

    They do have a age limit though, you must be in high school or older. (on their website it says older than junior high, so I believe this means that if you’re in junior high you cannot apply). FYI: Japanese school systems are different from American. Japanese schools have 3 years in Junior High and and 3 years in High School. I’m not sure if they would not accept your application if you are a freshman year in an American school (because this would technically be the same age as a third year junior high student in Japan). Maybe to be safe, children in an American school system should apply when they are in Sophomore year or older. Ultimate Capoeiristaman, since you are 18, you should be fine to apply.

    This is their official TBS Sasuke website. Unfortunately, they only have information in Japanese and I cannot find an English site.
    Videos applications are not required, however, personally I think it would be best to give them an interesting video that shows you have the strength and will power to tackle SASUKE.

    The required information you must submit when applying is:
    Name / Age / Postal Code / Address / Phone Number / Personal Statement or Photo or Video. *note* you will not be returned any information or photos/videos that you send to TBS.

    I do not see any requirment saying that you must be living in Japan. Hence, I think you are able to apply from overseas. However, I have no idea if they provide transportation costs (I’m assuming they do not), and my thought is that even if you do apply from overseas directly to their TBS studio (not going through any American channel), that means in order for them to contact and coordinate with you, calls would have to be international and with time difference etc/, they may not want to accept you as a contestant. This is just my opinion though, and maybe they might really want a contestant from overseas. All in all, they receive a tremendous amount of applications and only 100 people per seasons can be admitted. Some spots go to celebrities etc. and regulars, so I would say about 90 are new comers. My advice is to make your application as appealing as you can so you can stand out!!!! And, keep trying even if you don’t get in one time :)

    As for your question on whether americans can only go through the American Ninja Challenge to be on SASUKE, im not sure . I will have to do some research on that myself but I guess in a sense I kind of answered your question, since I mentioned that on their website I don’t see a requirement saying that you must be residing in Japan.

    Anyway, this got long, best of luck to everyone who’s applying!!!!!

  29. [...] is a general description of the course.  It begins in the morning at Mount Midoriyama (actually a backlot owned by Tokyo Broadcasting Systems, located near Tokyo), with one hundred contestants [...]

  30. Any one looking for the site of Sasuke in Google Earth, try these coordinates:

    Lat 35°34’12.28″N Lon 139°28’51.22″E

  31. Hey guys, I would also like to apply for Sasuke…..and if anyone knows, when do they organize the competition….which month, season? Thanks.
    Greetings to all of you from Serbia!

  32. Just wanted to let everybody know. I go to Japan every year, and although it’s hard to go run the ACTUAL Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) course, you can ALL try 3 of the hardest stage 3 sections in Obdaiba.
    Obdaiba is where the giant Gundum statue is and it’s really an fun place to hangout. Look for signs for “Muscle Park” and head up to the top floor. take the hallway all the way to the end and there you will see the Sasuke training course for all to try! ;) including the dreaded clif hanger!!

  33. Great article and informative comments.i never wanted to go to japan ever until i started watching ninja warrior.and believe it or not it was the actual show that aroused interest and not the physically fit guys,although at this point both aspects have would love to see it live.the episodes that are shown at the moment (in south africa) are those before makoto even became the 2nd ninja dissapointing it was when i read about his victory realising how far behind we are in terms of the show.he is indeed fantastic and quite attractive..ooooh

  34. Thanks for this good post. I really love this tv seasons. Can’t wait for the another episode ! Keep up the good work with this :)

  35. Thanks, very interesting! write more.

  36. all u ninjas can lick my 9!!

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  38. Got these coordinates from a post elsewhere on the net. It definitely looks like it could be Mt Midoriyama. It’s a backlot at TBS Studios near Tokyo. Check it out on Google Earth.


    Zoom in close and you can visualize where everything might go.

  39. Nice work Mike! I’ve been trying to find this for a long time.This is definately the site because you can see the dirtbike track. Sometimes on the show when the cameras pan around from above you get a quick glimpse of the track. Thanks man! And thank you to jeannie for starting this post. SAAAAH!!!

  40. i just got done watching it this show is awsome


  42. If you go to Mike’s coordinates, zoom in, and rotate Google Earth so that NE is at the top, and then match the image with the aerial view at the beginning of the show, you can see that the coordinates are the correct ones for the site of the fabled Mount Midoriyama. You can see where individual features of the landscape match, including individual poles in the ground.

    Many are called. Few are chosen.

  43. …and if you put the coordinates into Google Maps, it clearly says: “Midoriyama.”

  44. My kids turned me on to NW and I have been hooked ever since. Waiting for the ANW competition as well as NW 26 is painful. I think I could have made it through stage 1 during the first and second competitions, but so could half of Japan at that point. Now I think I’d barely give “Mr. Octopus” a run for his money… And I’m a grad of p90x and “Insanity”. I’m in decent shape, but those guys are superhuman – which probably explains my wife’s crush on Makoto Nagano.

    Love the show and enjoyed the article.

  45. blah, nothing on your blog is loading fast for me. I click something and it just sits for around 30 secs, then my anti virus thing pops up and says there’s a threat and asks if I want to proceed. Anyone else getting this or do I just have a crappy antivirus?

  46. I’m 12, but I hope I can be the next NINJA WARRIOR soon!

  47. I really have to AGREE with Ultimate Capoeiristaman regarding his comments on AMERICAN SELLOUT WARRIOR…..i mean what a bunch of TOOLS those dudes are! did u ever check out their line up?? that group was about as diverse as a pack of mint mentos. and to have to endure the humiliation of being part of that fruity cornball fest of a reality show, just to get a chance to look like a megatool when u make it to japan……I LOVE SASUKE! and with that said, i’ll be taking my chances with the TBS website and manual potluck application process, not Demeaning myself on that gay show….i mean did u guys even check out the hosts??? what buncha meatheads HAHAHAHA! they look and act like failed ex-gym teachers, oh i can go on..GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY

  48. in england we only have the first 20 ninja warriors on tv. does anyone know where i can watch the rest? also as im english do you know how i can get on ninja warrior?

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  50. ninja warrior, i miss it when akira omori and akiyama made it to the 3rd stage or further ! i was on google earth typing in mt. midoriyama and getting really frustrated when it wasnt found! i was scanning the area from gifu(takeda!!!) to tokyo and didnt find it :P but thanks for the post maybe.. i can find it now XD. i like the guy who comes on with his little animal sculptures and all that protective gear (helmet and elbow guard things) he nvever makes it past the first obsctacle its so funny not in a mean way but yeah whatever… i bet on the first ever ninja warrior if mr.octopus was on it he might have made it past the first stage cos i just saw it and it was easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. i could easly do the rope climb in the final stage!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. i like ninja warrior because this is a real sport and ninja warior are the adventure sport real life

  53. Im grateful for the blog.Thanks Again. Cool.

  54. WTF – It’s Mount Midori or Midori-Yama ! Just pick one.

  55. What do the people win if they complete the entire course in Japan? I know that K-Swiss has been sponsoring a 500k endorsement deal for the Americans. Does anyone know what the prize is for the Japanese?

  56. Hello
    How can I participate in the competition of ninja warrior?
    If it’s possible to take part please e-mail me at

  57. makoto nagano’s email………………..any one knows his email adress????

  58. Yokohama isn’t a prefecture, it’s just a city lol

  59. also… not such a secret:
    TBS Midoriyama Studio – 2100, Midoriyama, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Japan


  61. Dont know if anyone still reads this but for those who dont know the results for the 27 its a total victory for urushihara ar whatever his name is

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  65. How did Yamfrend know the results of Sasuke 27, back in November, when they just aired the episodes this month?

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  69. Is ninja warrior still airing and taking contestants for 2013? I heard that the show has been cancelled and i was planning a trip to go and compete… please reply as soon as possible

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