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Your dedication to Ninja Warrior has led you here. Ninja Warrior fanatics are waiting to share your passion for obtaining Total Victory. Here’s how you can participate in what we call, Sasuke Mania!

Be featured as a Total Fan
What makes you a total fan? Have you dressed up as one of the contestants? What crazy things have you done in support of Ninja Warrior? Perhaps you have artwork that you’d like us to feature. Send us your work, your photos, your story to We’ll be happy to share it with the world.

Be featured as an upcoming Warrior to Watch
Warriors are known for their physical dominance. Do you have the strength of Yamada, the agility of Nagano, or the will of Akiyama? Tell us what makes you such a strong Warrior and why you have what it takes to become a Ninja Warrior. Submit your photos, workout routines, and training tips to

Become a contributor
Ready to take your passion for Ninja Warrior to the next level? Then take on the challenge of writing as a contributor to this site and achieve Total Victory like no one else can. You will be featured as a guest columnist on this site. Write an email about what you intend to contribute to

Join the Forum
Find others who dare love Ninja Warrior more than you. Join in on the discussion at the Ninja Warrior TV forum today.