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Sasuke Ninja Warrior competition secrets revealed

Feb 06, 2008 in Ninja News   |   91 Comments

Sasuke Ninja Warrior ContestantsEver wonder how people get chosen to compete on Sasuke, or how people even apply? And I bet anyone who’s seen the show wondered “Where on earth is Mt. Midoriyama?” Good news for the curious. The answers are no longer a secret.

Mt. Midoriyama isn’t really a mountain at all. Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) owns a studio called “Mt. Midoriyama.” which in the back, has ample space to set up the 4 intense stages of the Sasuke obstacle courses. Located in Yokohama Prefecture, it is surprisingly close to the heart of Japan, Tokyo. TBS only discloses the exact location to their contestants and their family members.

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Koriki Choshu, most famous gut in Japan!

Feb 06, 2008 in Contestants   |   1 Comment

Choshu Koriki

Choshu is a Japanese comedian who is widely known for having “The most famous gut in Japan!” His debut on Sasuke was mostly a publicity stunt, but his audience didn’t seem to mind.

Koriki Choshu is clearly his stage name. What many Ninja Warrior fans may not know is that this comedian took on the persona of a former popular wrestler in the 80′s and 90′s named Riki Choshu. The similarity in the names Koriki and Riki is no accident. In Japanese, “Ko” means “little” when added as a prefix. In this case, Ko-riki simply means little Riki.

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Pull-up to Total Victory

Feb 04, 2008 in Ninja Warrior Training   |   18 Comments

Over the years the obstacles on Mt. Midoriyama have grown to push the limits of the human body. One notable similarity that stands out is the emphasis on upper body strength and endurance. To help out anyone considering participation on Sasuke or any obstacle course program, as well as those just trying to better their physique, an overview of the basic pull-up has been provided. This overview will hopefully give the reader an idea about the multi-discipline acceptance of pull-ups, benefits of proper pull-up technique, and tips on how to take the pull-up further.

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Who are the Ninja Warrior All-Stars?

Jan 13, 2008 in Contestants   |   81 Comments

Ninja Warrior AllstarsWho is considered a “Ninja Warrior All Star?”

The Ninja Warrior All Stars point to the most prominent competitors of the Ninja Warrior series: the TV Program itself was the creator of the All Star member group. The show apparently has also designated a theme song for each All Star Member.

Currently the members of the Ninja Warrior All Stars are:
1. Katsumi Yamada (山田 勝己)
2. Shingo Yamamoto (山本 進悟)
3. Kazuhiko Akiyama (秋山 和彦)
4. Toshihiro Takeda (竹田 敏浩)
5. Makoto Nagano (長野 誠)
6. Bunpei Shiratori (白鳥 文平)

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