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Toshihiro Takeda

Toshihiro Takeda
Toshihiro Takeda (竹田 敏浩)
DOB: 1976
Height: 171cm
Weight: 65kg
First Sasuke Entry: 5th Season
Sasuke All Star Member Entry: 5th Season

Toshihiro Takeda is the only All Star Member who has not yet reached the Final Stage. It may have been his luck of starting his challenge in the 5th competition that caused him this, since a lot of the Ninja Warrior course was renovated to a more difficult level due to Akiyama's Total Victory in the 4th competition. However, Takeda prides a steady record in his Ninja Warrior challenges, as he has the highest rate of reaching the 3rd stage within the All Star Members. He suffered a broken right shoulder around the 12th competition, but he still leaves very impressive scores behind. Many think that he has a good chance of achieving Total Victory if he could only clear the 3rd stage, as the Final Stage should be easier for Takeda who is thoroughly trained in climbing for his job. He’s known for the orange fire fighter trousers that he wears in the competitions.

Takeda has also enjoyed fame in his career as a Fire Rescue Worker. Takeda was on the Fire Fighter Recruitment Poster in the year 2006, and was awarded from the chief director of the Ibigun Fire Station. He is now the face of the Fire fighters in Japan due to his publicity from Ninja Warrior.

Ninja Warrior Combat Record

* 5th competition(74) Spider Walk – 2nd stage
* 6th competition (93) Body Prop – 3rd stage
* 7th competition (96) Rope Climb – 1st stage
* 8th competition (71) Pipe Slider – 3rd stage
* 9th competition (97) Globe Grasp – 3rd stage
* 10th competition (997) Jump Hang – 1st stage
* 11th competition (97) Body Prop – 3rd stage
* 12th competition (95) Pipe Slider – 3rd stage
* 13th competition (98) Cliff Hanger – 3rd stage
* 14th competition (97) Cliff Hanger – 3rd stage
* 15th competition (96) Devil’s Swing – 3rd stage
* 16th competition (98) Cliff Hanger – 3rd stage
* 17th competition (91) Pipe Slider – 3rd stage
* 18th competition (86) Salmon Ladder – 2nd stage
* 19th competition (96) Flying Chute – 1st stage