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Shingo Yamamoto

Shingo Yamamoto (山本 進悟)
DOB: 1975
Height: 171cm
Weight: 61kg
First Sasuke Entry: 1st Season
Sasuke All Star Member Entry: 5th Season
Number of Appearances: 19
Occupation: Gas Station Area Manager

Shingo Yamamoto is the one and only contestant who has entered in every Ninja Warrior competition. Shingo Yamamoto resides in Tokyo, where he works as a Gas Station Area Manager at Hasegawa Service Station. We can see that throughout his entries in Ninja Warrior, he goes through a steady promotion with his work. His job title changes from Gas Station Worker in the 5th competition, to Gas Station Chief in the 6th, to Area Manager in the 13th. However, because of his increasing job responsibilities, Yamamoto started to lose more time to train for Ninja Warrior. He ended up training at very late hours since he would get held up at his job. Yamamoto built his own home prior to the 17th competition, that is designed so that Yamamoto can train for Ninja Warrior around the house (for obstacles such as the spider walk, rope climb, and body prop) Yamamoto wears his gas station uniform in every competition except the first (he wore a track uniform since he was also involved in track and field). Famous for losing his cap at the Rolling Log obstacle in the first stage.

Yamamoto’s goal is Total Victory, as any one else’s might be, and although he has never gained [Total Victory->, he maintains a very optimistic view throughout his challenges. Yamamoto seems to truly enjoy the challenges itself, and although disappointed in some of his scores, was never disgruntled by any of them. Regardless of suffering from a dislocation of his left shoulder and lower back pains, Yamamoto still challenges and continues to leave a steady record of good scores.

Ninja Warrior Combat Record

* 1st competition  (7) Hammer Dodge – 2nd stage
* 2nd competition (20) Pipe Slider – 3rd stage
* 3rd competition (13) 15m Rope Climb – final stage ★
* 4th competition (98)  Balance Bridge – 1st stage
* 5th competition (98)  Pipe Slider – 3rd stage ★
* 6th competition (96)  Rolling Log – 1st stage
* 7th competition (97)  Spider Climb – Final stage ★
* 8th competition (98) Rope Climb – 1st stage
* 9th competition (98) Rumbling Dice – 3rd stage
* 10th competition (998) Rope Climb – 1st stage
* 11th competition (98) Cliff Hanger – 3rd stage
* 12th competition (96) Cliff Hanger – 3rd stage
* 13th competition (76) Wall Lift – 2nd stage
* 14th competition (98) Curtain Cling – 3rd stage
* 15th competition (95) Body Prop – 3rd stage
* 16th competition (97) Jump Hang – 1st stage
* 17th competition (98) Body Prop – 3rd stage
* 18th competition (61) Flying Chute – 1st stage
* 19th competition (81) Jumping Spider – 1st stage

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