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Makoto Nagano

Makoto Nagano

Makoto Nagano (長野 誠)
DOB: March 30, 1972
Height: 162cm
Weight: 62kg
First Sasuke Entry: 7th Season
Sasuke All Star Member Entry: 9th Season

Born in Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefecture, Makoto Nagano works as a captain on the commerical fishing boat: 28th Konpira Maru. Began his challenge with Ninja Warrior inspired by Katsumi Yamada. Second contestant to achieve Total Victory. Nagano is on his ship for over 300 days a year, where he also does most of his training. Clips of Nagano training on his ship is broad casted during the show: doing handstands on the top of mast, and hanging off bridges without rope for any type of support.

Nagano is the most consistent with high records within the All Star Members, and he has even reached the Final Stage 3 competitions in a row. He is also know for his speed, and many times has had 20 seconds or more left on the clock in the 1st and 2nd stages. Toshihiro Takeda and Nagano compete very closely for speed. Nagano’s dream is to reach the 3rd stage with Katsumi Yamada, but so far has not been able to fulfill it.

Combat Record
* 7th competition (87) Warped Wall – 1st Stage
* 8th competition (41) Warped Wall – 1st Stage
* 9th competition (61) Pipe Slider – 3rd Stage
* 10th competition (999) Jump Hang – 1st Stage
* 11th competition (96) Rope Climb – Final Stage
* 12th competition (100) Rope Climb – Final Stage (by 0.11 seconds)
* 13th competition (100) Rope Climb – Final Stage
* 14th competition (100) Jumping Bars – 3rd Stage
* 15th competition (100) Metal Spin – 2nd Stage
* 16th competition (100) Devil’s Swing – 3rd Stage
* 17th competition (99) Total Victory (2.5 seconds on the clock)
* 18th competition (96) Disqualified on Cliff Hanger – 3rd Stage
* 19th competition (100) Flying Chute – 1st Stage