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Kazuhiko Akiyama

Kazuhiko Akiyama
Kazuhiko Akiyama (秋山 和彦)
DOB: January 3, 1973
Height: 161cm
Weight: 56kg
First Sasuke Entry: 2nd Season
Sasuke All Star Member Entry: 6th Season
Number of Appearances: 15
Occupation: Crab Fisherman

The first contestant to achieve Total Victory in Sasuke history. Kazuhiko Akiyama was born in Tokoro, Hokkaido, and currently works as an acupressure therapist. Akiyama had given up his dreams of once joining the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF), competing in the Oylimpics Wrestling, and following his father’s footsteps of a Crab Fisherman due to hereditary failing eyesight. He’s well known for his extreme lean figure, which is only 5.8% body fat. Like many other All Star Members, he also has built his own Ninja Warrior obstacle at his own home: the Warped Wall, even larger than the one on the show itself.

Regardless of having the disadvantage of weak eyesight, Akiyama achieved Total Victory in the 4th competition leaving an impressive 6 seconds on the clock. He continued to challenge Sasuke even after his Total Victory, but so far has never been able to re-live his triumph. Akiyama has claimed to retire after the 17th competition: the time Makoto Nagano achieved Total Victory. He is quoted to have said that his achievement is now in the past, and that Makoto Nagano is the new Sasuke champion. Akiyama said that he may come back to the show but makes no promises at this time.

Nicknames: Crab Fisherman Akiyama

Ninja Warrior Combat Record

* 2nd competition (100) Wall Lift – 2nd stage
* 3rd competition (99) Wall Lift – 2nd stage
* 4th competition (86) Total Victory
* 6th competition (100) Jump Hang – 1st stage
* 7th competition (99) Jump Hang – 1st stage
* 8th competition (99) Jump Hang – 1st stage
* 9th competition (100) Quintuple Step – 1st stage
* 10th competition (981) Warped Wall – 1st stage
* 11th competition (99) Body Prop – 3rd stage
* 12th competition (97) Pipe Slider – 3rd stage
* 13th competition (91) Crooked Wall – 1st stage
* 14th competition (71) Warped Wall – 1st stage
* 15th competition (81) Warped Wall – 1st stage
* 16th competition (71) Metal Spin – 2nd stage
* 17th competition (71) Circle Slider – 1st stage

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