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Bunpei Shiratori

Bunpei Shiratori
Bunpei Shiratori 白鳥 文平
DOB: 1967
Height: 176cm
Weight: 64kg
First Sasuke Entry: 9th Season
Sasuke All Star Member Entry: 14th Season

Bunpei Shiratori comes from Inba, Chiba Prefecture. He has quite a bit of experience with track and field, and has a personal record of 15m 30 for the triple jump. His jumping skills led him to the first contestant ever to clear the Jump Hang obstacle in the Sasuke course with a one legged jump. After his first success in the 9th competition, he has been jumping with only one leg for the Jump Hang obstacle.

He is most prepared for the 3rd stage, as he has about 13 3rd stage obstacles at his own home that he can practice on. Shiratori was able to clear the 3rd stage when he first challenged it, which is not a record that many people hold. Shiratori’s home is famous among contenders as having numerous obstacles: Shiratori gets many visitors that come see and train on his own course at home. Colin Bell and Brett Sims , winners of the [American Ninja Challenge] contest from G4, were invited to train there as well. He has participated at the “Sasuke Training Camp” that Makoto Nagano, Kazuhiko Akiyama, and Toshihiro Takeda also went to. The four of them trained for several obstacles of Sasuke, and most importantly the final stage. With Shiratori’s experience as a track and fielder, and great training from his own home, he may very well be the next contestant to achieve Total Victory.

Ninja Warrior Combat Record

* 9th competition (79) Warped Wall – 1st stage
* 11th competition (66) Wall Lift – 2nd stage
* 12th competition (77) 10m rope climb – Final stage
* 13th competition (99) Pipe Slider – 3rd stage
* 14th competition (96) Balance Tank – 2nd stage
* 15th competition (94) Climbing Bars – 3rd stage
* 16th competition (96) Pipe Slider – 3rd stage
* 17th competition (81) Body Prop – 3rd stage
* 18th competition (95) Jumping Spider – 1st stage
* 19th competition (82) Flying Chute – 1st stage