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Nov 28, 2008 in resources   |   Posted by shulic

Sasuke Ninja Warrior has a good fan following across the world. But for those of us wanting even more coverage of the contestants or news about the show, it’s not very easy to find good resources. I’d like to popularize the show even by more by pointing to other Ninja Warrior related websites.

This post will be an ongoing list of all Sasuke Ninja Warrior resources found on the web.

  1. G4 Ninja Warrior Official Site
    G4 Ninja Warrior homepage official site
  2. Wikipedia’s entry on Ninja Warrior
    Ninja Warrior on Wikipedia

  3. Sasuke Fansite including Unbeatable Banzuke and Viking
    Sasuke fansite including  unbeatable banzuke and viking
  4. A blog with screen captures from the G4 show

    A ninjawarrior blog with screen captures from G4 Show

  5. A blog portal site about Ninja Warrior
    ninjawarrior portal site
  6. A fitness and training forum done Ninja Warrior style
    A fitness forum related to ninja warrior
    Ninja Warrior video clips related to American Ninja Challenge at
    Ninja Warrior American Ninja Challenge video clips
  8. Sasuke Central blogsasuke central website
  9. Want to add to the list? Send an email to or leave a comment below.

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  1. (Sasukepedia at Wikia)

  2. I want to catch up on old Sasuke. Is there anywhere i can watch the full episodes of Sasuke (or the Ninja Warrior version)?

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  9. Hi,

    I have a ninja warrior fan site at and I would love it if you could add me to the list. If you would like, I can add your site to my list of external links.


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