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American Ninja Challenge returns

Jan 22, 2009 in Uncategorized   |   Posted by shulic

American Ninja Warrior returns
Excellent news Ninja Warrior fans in America! The American ninja challenge has returned and applications are being accepted as soon as Feb 2, 2009. This is your chance to make history as a contestant on Sasuke Ninja Warrior.

Here’s the news clip!

American Ninja Warrior Challenge is back

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  2. Hello there! Just found your site. Can’t wait for American Ninja Warrior to air, it’s definately be good!

    Hope you continue updating your site! Head to our forums if you want to meet up with lots of people as obsessed with Sasuke as you are!

    -Chris C.

  3. I have watched every episode aired in America and I love the show. I want to get into the competitions, I am in great shape and since I was a kid I could always find a way to do things others couldn’t. I am 5’10” and 140lbs, I run at least six miles a day, I work out every day but different workouts based off of P90X. I also love fighting and spar every day I get the chance. I am 20 as of 9/10/09. I want to get in any way possible so I’m all ears to whoever wants to help.

  4. hey i was womdering where in america it will be held

  5. wow, I usually dont read these types of articles because I think the industry is wack now but im feeling this so im gonna link to this post on my site thanx!!:)

  6. It’s amazing how far American Ninja Warrior has come.

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