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Fan finds American Ninja Warrior unfair

Mar 15, 2012 in Opinions   |   Posted by admin

A fan, from the good old United States, wrote in with a piece of commentary that is hard to ignore. Check it out!

I enjoy watching Ninja Warrior for years, I evern remeber the Viking Challenge. As a long time viewer, I was delighted when American Ninja Warrior arrived.

What I feel extremely unfair is that competitors on American Ninja Warriors can compete on both, Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior thus giving double the chances that everyone else gets. I am an Amereican myself and I would love to see an American achieve total victory but I also like to see it done in a manner that is fair.

Since the eligibility qualification for American Ninja Warrior is an American citizen or resident and is not open internationally and Ninja Warrior is open internationally, this gives the Americans double the opportunity to achieve total victory.

I still would like to see the Ninja Warrior competition stay open internationally and I wouldn’t even mind if was still open to Americans but anyone who has competed on American Ninja Warrior should not be eligible for Ninja Warrior.

Thank you.

Ninja Warrior Fan

Thank you for writing tom042559! Your thoughts are very appreciated.
Let’s see what others have to say regarding your point of view.

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  1. i totally agree, i myself am an American, but it is funny how much americans suck compared to the true ninja warriors.

  2. In America, it’s not fair to women, either because Americans can’t tolerate strong women as much as Japanese can. The Japanese version has both editions for men and women.

  3. What I find unfair about the whole event is that the final obstacle–Mount Madoriama in Vegas–is different…and much more difficult than the one in Japan…that 3 Japanese men conquered. Either keep it the same…or stop saying no American has conquered it. Because frankly…no one from any country has conquered this particular Mount Madoriama…including the 3 Japanese men who conquered an easier version in Japan. Bottom line…you can’t keep changing it…it needs to stay consistant. I think you should build an exact replica of the one in Japan that the 3 men conquered there. Because that tells me it’s possible. Extremely difficult…but possible. This one in Vegas is impossible. I don’t see anyone conquering it. Go ahead…invite the 3 Japanese men over to give it a try…guaranteed they’ll fail. So frankly…I’m losing interest. Also, you’re making tons of money from this…and you don’t give the contestants any money? They should be getting money based on how many obtacle courses they make it through…not this all or nothing crap for only one of them…which ends up being nothing for all of them. They dedicate a lot of their time and health to do this…so give them something for the trouble (i/e they get certain amount of money for placing 1 – 50…or something like that). And throw in some bonuses for various things…like the UFC does. So do these things (i/e make an exact replica of the Japan version…that’s extremely difficult but at least possible to finish…and give guaranteed money to many top finishers) and this thing will grow even more…like the UFC. If you don’t…I see it fizzling out like American Gladiators.

  4. I agree with Ninja Warrior Fan it’s really unfair not to include international competitors. I will always prefer the original Ninja Warrior to the American Version.

  5. What happened to the Japanese Ninja competitions. Were they suspended after the
    earthquake and tsunami? All I see now is the American competition. I would rather
    see the one from Japan. If it is still being held, why is it not being shown? I would like to know what happened if anyone has the answer.

  6. I, too, would like to see the Ninja Warrior series that come out of Japan. The American competition is fun but I love the original series and love seeing the returning all stars compete. I think Scott Berensen is incorrect. Midori-yama becomes harder each time someone defeats it. That is why it is so hard. It is not about competing against others, it is about competing to push yourself to the limits of capability. That is why you can have more than one winner in Japan. Please, G4, show both series. I promise you that both will get good ratings.

  7. I’m curious why each location isn’t using the same test criteria. Change the obstacles and your change criteria. This then makes it an uneven playing field. I also agree that top performers should be compensated depending on their finishing position. Someone’s making a lot of money at the expense of others.

  8. You guys are wrong the first man to achieve total victory did it on a much easier course than the 2nd one since each time someone beats it they make it harder.
    the american one is a reica of the 27th tournement and the final stage is the same.
    2 of the 3 men did run the qualifiers and 1 failed and the other one didnt but that was just qualifiers.
    they are still making the japanese version called Sasuke they just had there 29th tournement.
    And to get on topic i think that it should be like a qualifier to sasuke not there own thing. I think they should send the 5 who do the best to japan but the american course shouldnt count as the real deal.

  9. @Leaveseyes-I swear, there needs to be international versions with their own hosts and contestants in their own language. I’d like to see that plus an international competition at Mount Midoriyama.

  10. I hope the G4 network sees some of these comments and listens to those of us
    who want to see the Japanese Ninja competition. Hello G4!! I will no longer
    look at your network until the Japanese return. Tell that to your sponsors. I’m sure
    they will be thrilled to know that they are paying for air time that is ignored.

  11. I do feel you, but it seems that Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) is becoming more predominantly Japanese ever since American Ninja Warrior appeared along with the other countries spin offs. In sasuke rising, they only let two Americans who were mostly unknowns compete.

  12. watched an american smarty get done on stage one you can’t win every thing yankees
    and you bozo IDIOTS blew up hiroshima and nagasaki STUFF PEARL HARBOR


  14. @Scott Berensen , you must be never watch Sasuke before.It looks “easy” because someone has beaten it! Midori-yama becomes harder each time someone defeats it.

    It keeps evolving after someone have beaten it, and it took a lot of mental strength to do it and surely look “easy” when watching TV. Have you seen the REAL final tower?

    If it is easy, then it should be over 10 people+ have beaten it already!

    Do you know you go there at 9 am, signed in and started running stage 1 around 10 am. Stage 1 wrapped up around 9pm that night and stage 2 started around 10pm. Stage 3 started around 1 am and Stage 4 didnt start till almost 4 am! So if you made it to the tower you were pretty much running on 0 fuel lol!!

    I don’t think you know that!? Everything is easy before you try it by yourself!

  15. @John…I never said the Japanese version was easy. I said it was “extremely difficult…but possible.” Go back and read my comment again. Of course I know it’s not easy…everyone does! That’s why so many people fail. What my main complaint was that the American version was even more difficult…to the point that it was impossible for anyone to conquer it. It’s fine to make them extremely difficult so that only a few can conquer them. But people lose interest if they’re impossible to conquer.

  16. What is totally and absurdly unfair is the absolute fact that different cities have far different course degrees of difficulty. How can this farce continue? Each and every city should have the exact same semi-finals course set up. Without that, this whole competition is a farce.

  17. All this show is doing is making CORPORATE CATS FATTER when they are sitting behind the scenes in their EXECUTIVE CHAIRS PIMPING out these guys that DEDICATE AND SPEND THEIR LIVES, BODIES, MONEY, AND TIME practicing and trying to win Ninja Warrior. Those CORPORATE FAT CATS are making MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS sitting on their asses eating Cheetos while these guys are working their asses off making these CORPORATE CATS TONS OF MONEY. I’m not watching this show anymore nor do I support this anymore, and I encourage you the same. IT’S UNFAIR. STOP MAKING THOSE CORPORATE CATS RICHER. Have you ever heard of an American Ninja Warrior contestant to win even $1? I thought so. PLUS American Ninja is NOT MEANT FOR SHORT JAPANESE PEOPLE; it is meant for 6 ft tall EUROPEAN PEOPLE, especially the Spider Jumps and other reach obstacles. I’m sorry, but if I’m 5 ft, and I can run well, and I’m running against a 6 ft person who can run well, WHO DO YOU THINK WILL HAVE THE LONGER STRIDE?? I thought so. Also, the Americans have done those real time TV- taped obstacles HOW MANY TIMES, compared to the Europeans and Japanese? And even if someone DID win $500,000, you will be taxed up the ass while THEY are sitting on their tubby asses eating Cheetos MAKING MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS. mm hmm. I suggest all the Ninja Warriors get together, build YOUR OWN OBSTACLES, pool in and everyone who wants to participate submit a small sum of money, that money gets divvied up to the winners. AT LEAST YOU WILL WIN SOMETHING and it WON’T BE IMPOSSIBLE! You keep putting a show on for Corporate Fat Cats, you’ll never make any money except FOR THEM. And if you really want to “televise it,” just put it on youtube or some website! Somebody please do this so I can stop aching in my chair every time they air Ninja Warrior on TV. Please OH PUH-LEESE.


  19. Yes…I agree wholeheartedly with Charlie! I hate seeing these guys being taken advantage of.

  20. I miss the original ninja warrior. I am American and hate the American ninja warrior. I prefer the Japanese show. I wish they would put a Japanese game show channel on a US network.

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