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Makoto Nagano Song, for serious?

Mar 30, 2012 in Total Fan   |   6 Comments

We didn’t think it was real. But perhaps this is what Total Fans are made of!

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Fan finds American Ninja Warrior unfair

Mar 15, 2012 in Opinions   |   22 Comments

A fan, from the good old United States, wrote in with a piece of commentary that is hard to ignore. Check it out! I enjoy watching Ninja Warrior for years, I evern remeber the Viking Challenge. As a long time viewer, I was delighted when American Ninja Warrior arrived. What I feel extremely unfair is [...]

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American Ninja Challenge returns

Jan 22, 2009 in Uncategorized   |   6 Comments

American Ninja Warrior returns
Excellent news Ninja Warrior fans in America! The American ninja challenge has returned and applications are being accepted as soon as Feb 2, 2009. This is your chance to make history as a contestant on Sasuke Ninja Warrior.

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Ninja Warrior video clips on American Ninja Challenge

Nov 29, 2008 in resources   |   7 Comments

I wanted to share with Sasuke Ninja Warrior fans a great site I stumbled upon the other day that has a good mix of Ninja Warrior clips related to the American Ninja Challenge,

Hulu’s Ninja Warrior Clips
Ninja Warrior American Ninja Challenge video clips


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Ninja Warrior resources found around the net

Nov 28, 2008 in resources   |   35 Comments

Sasuke Ninja Warrior has a good fan following across the world. But for those of us wanting even more coverage of the contestants or news about the show, it’s not very easy to find good resources. I’d like to popularize the show even by more by pointing to other Ninja Warrior related websites.

This post will be an ongoing list of all Sasuke Ninja Warrior resources found on the web.

  1. G4 Ninja Warrior Official Site
    G4 Ninja Warrior homepage official site

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Makoto Nagano autograph for sale on eBay

Nov 25, 2008 in Opinions   |   5 Comments

I love Sasuke Ninja Warrior to death and will defend its glory to the death. There is just something awe-inspiring about the contestants (at least the all stars, or those who train rigorously). They bring back the elegance and nobility of the samurai days, almost.

With that said, I was completely offended when I found this: A Makoto Nagano autographed photo for sale on eBay!

makotonagano autograph for sale on ebay

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